A Bit More About WriterJ

Looking back at 2017

At the tail end of 2016 I made my one and only new year’s resolution. That 2017 will be a year of straight wins. Unrealistic I know (and did at the time) but 2016 wasn’t the greatest of years for me. I wanted to psyche myself up for the new year.

Four days in and I was already losing. I failed my driving test because of an idiot driver almost hitting the rear end of my test vehicle. The examiner took matters in his own hands by the car away from the upcoming vehicle (which I was already doing!). I did however pass my driving test in the same month and from then on things started to look up. For one…


ESPN UK offered me an interview for an internship position which would happen in a possible placement year. I was surprised. Out of all the placement positions I had applied for, ESPN were the only ones to have contacted me. Destiny, I thought. The winning starts now.

I did get quite far in the interview stages, making it to a final selection of candidates. But that’s as far as I got. That’s why I’m writing on a blog instead of commenting on sport. The feedback I received pointed to my lack of writing experience. More specifically: that I had none.

Upset as I was, the whole process made me see journalism as a possible career choice. It also showed me how much I actually wanted that placement. So, I started to address my lack of experience and applied for work experience at my local paper.

During my work experience (June now) the reporter I was working with suggested I get on social media. I refused because I was never interested in the world of social media, but she suggested it just for work purposes.

“It could be ReporterJ” she told me. What a ridiculous name. Of course, WriterJ has a better ring to it. Right?


My brother showed me the shocking video of the death of Rashan Charles by the hands of a police officer. To me, what was equally as shocking was the fact that no huge media outlet covered it. I’ve said before in my articles about how optics matter and this certainly plays into this. The media’s reluctance to show a young black man unjustly killed, shows that they don’t care about black communities. The police officer showing possible ‘lethal restraint’ shows that the police are against us. Lastly, the fact that the media didn’t cover the event shows how really marginalised the ethnic minority community is.

The Canon

So, I thought of The Canon, a platform where (hopefully) people of colour can use their voice to tell the world what they want. The Canon is almost two months removed from its birth and I have high aspirations for it. Of course, a lot of work needs to be put in for this platform to succeed. When I’m writing my posts, it doesn’t even feel like work. There’s a certain freedom I have when I write down my opinions.

Hope for 2018

Overall 2017 was an okay year. I didn’t have the straight wins as I hoped for, but it just means that this year will be better (fingers crossed). I have a lot of exciting things planned for this year. Even if this year doesn’t go as planned, I’m at least happy I’ve tried my best. They say that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. In other words, if you don’t try, there is a hundred percent chance of failure.

If you’re interested in writing for The-Canon email WriterJ@The-Canon.com